Facility Rentals

Carver City HallThe City of Carver offers rental space in Carver's historic downtown area. Three spaces are available:

Rental Details

To request a facility rental, please submit a Facility Rental Application Form (PDF).  

Once the date(s) and time(s) are verified as available by the City of Carver, you will be asked to sign a Facility Rental Agreement (PDF) within five (5) business days and make the respective deposits to secure the date.  Failure to sign the agreement and/or make the respective deposits will result in a cancellation of the request from the rental party.  

View a copy of the 2023 fees by clicking on  Rental Fees (PDF).

Check Availability

To see if the facility is tentatively available, visit Check Availability - Rentals.

Learn More

Want to take a look to see if a space is right for your event? Have further questions? Please contact Brenda Good at 952-448-8731 or email Brenda.