Facility Rentals

Carver City HallThe City of Carver offers rental space in Carver's historic downtown area. Three spaces are available:

Rental Details

The Facility Rental Policy (PDF) will act as the contract between the City of Carver and the rental party. Generally, it will set expectations regarding the responsibilities of the rental party when utilizing on of the City's spaces, along with the payment schedule and security deposit requirements.

To request a facility rental, please fill out the online Facility Rental Application Form or download and submit a Facility Rental Application Form (PDF).

View a copy of the Rental Fees (PDF).

Check Availability

To see if the facility is tentatively available, visit Check Availability - Rentals.

Learn More

Want to take a look to see if a space is right for your event? Have further questions? Please contact Brenda Good at 952-448-8731 or email Brenda.