Water and Sewer Extension Study

Project Overview

The City of Carver is a growing community that has seen significant population growth over the last several years. The Water and Sewer Extension Study is currently underway to identify the city's future water and sewer needs.  As this development continues, so must the city’s sanitary sewer and watermain utility system or trunk utilities.  The term "trunk" refers to a connection point of the water utility to the larger water system network.

Future growth areas have been identified within the city’s Comprehensive Plan and will be reviewed for feasibility of expansion. This includes the Southwest area and the Big Woods area, which both represent a significant portion of the annexation area that will eventually be within Carver City limits.  These areas will offer opportunities for housing, commercial and industrial development. 

Because these growth areas are not next to developed land, trunk utility extensions will be needed to serve these areas, which will require considerable infrastructure costs. These large trunk system expansion costs can render the lands in Southwest and Big Woods areas undevelopable without action by the city. 

Trunk area charges proactively provide a means to distribute a major utility infrastructure expansion cost evenly to the properties that will directly benefit from the expansion, paid back over time as the area develops. This charge structure can make these major growth areas fiscally feasible to develop.  

The City Council reviewed the concept of utilizing trunk area charges to fund trunk utility infrastructure projects. The City Engineer has been authorized to study the utility system costs and recommended area charges to extend trunk sewer and water utilities to the Southwest and Big Woods future growth areas. The Water and Sewer Extension Study is currently underway and findings will be shared with the City Council in late Spring of 2022.

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Phase:  Study

Schedule:  Winter/Spring 2022.

Location:  Southwest and Big Woods Future Growth Areas

  1. Dan Lonnes

    City Engineer

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