Street Sign and Pavement Marking Policy and Request

A street sign and pavement marking policy was adopted in 2021. This policy improves neighborhood livability by creating a formal process to review issues related to pedestrian safety, driver safety, and overall traffic movements on City streets. 

The policy is administered by the City Engineer using the following objectives: 

  • Providing a systematic process for the City to address traffic concerns from residents through an easy-to-follow program applied consistently throughout the City. 
  • Evaluating the traffic concerns made by residents, and if necessary, providing solutions that would reduce speeds or volumes and minimize vehicle crashes.
  • Informing residents of the traffic issues by educational efforts (i.e. informational letters). This will promote greater neighborhood support and will better address their needs as a whole. 
  • Offering a program that incorporates a wide variety of traffic calming strategies, including educational and enforcement efforts as well as other engineering tools. 

Street Sign and Pavement Marking Policy

To request a review of traffic concerns, complete the Street Sign and Pavement Marking Policy - Study Request Form.