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City Council Meeting Rundowns

Posted on: June 22, 2021

June 21, 2021

Meeting Date: June 21, 2021

The City Council Meeting Rundown is prepared by the City Manager and is intended to be used as an informal summary of meeting highlights. For complete details on all agenda items, official meeting minutes, or to watch a video of the meeting, click Watch City Meetings.

Ironwood Park Improvements:

The City Council and Parks Commission held a joint session to discuss future improvements for Ironwood Park.  Ironwood Park is located just west of Carver Elementary.   With the City receiving additional parkland adjacent to Ironwood Park via the Timber Creek development project, the Parks Commission will be working on design concepts for additional park amenities and play features.  The meeting on Monday included an opportunity for the City Council to provide overarching park goals with members of the Parks Commission as they begin work to develop the balance of Ironwood Park.  The Parks Commission will discuss and plan amenities and play features over the next several months, with an open house planned for this fall to review concepts created by the Parks Commission.  

2022 Budget Kick-Off:

The City Council started the 2022 General Fund Budget process during Monday night’s meeting.  After receiving an overview of new construction values, debt payment schedules, strategic planning initiatives, and a big picture needs assessment, the City Council provided guiding principles to staff as the first draft of the General Fund Budget is prepared.  The City Council is expected to review the first draft of the General Fund Budget at their August 16 meeting.

CSAH 40 Turnback:

The City of Carver and Carver County have initiated discussions on turning back control over a section of County State Aid Highway 40 (CSAH 40) to the City of Carver.  The “turnback process” involves a section of CSAH 40, otherwise known as sections of Main St. W., Broadway, 4th St. E., and Old Carver Road, from a county road to a city street.  The process involves identifying and ultimately correcting deficiencies in the roadway, such as drainage, pavement conditions, safety issues, walkability, and so on, as conditions the City may have before it would take over the roadway section.   The City Engineer will next prepare a report and formally identify issues and costs related to identified needs along the corridor.         

Land Exchange:

The City Council approved a land exchange with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).   The land exchange provides the City with land previously owned by the USFWS near Deport Park, which will be needed to make future improvements to the flood levee system.  In return, the USFWS receives land, previously owned by the City on the river side of the levee near Ash St.  The USFWS has a trail bridge on this property, with the land exchange securing outstanding issues related to the location of the bridge.

 Surface Water Management Plan: 

The City Council adopted a Surface Water Management Plan, which is designed to serve as a planning document to conserve, protect, and manage surface water resources.  The purpose of the plan in general is to prevent erosion of soil into surface water systems, address issues related to flood prevention and water quality, and preservation of groundwater storage.  In addition, the adopted plan is incorporated within the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan and is used as a resource during the development process.

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